What to do when visiting Kraków 24/08/2018

What to do when visiting Krakow

As Poland’s second-largest city, it goes without say that Krakow is among the country’s most popular cities for visitors. There many things that make Krakow outstanding. First off is the city’s rich history. The historic significance of the city is evident in the fact that it was in 1978 designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it gets even more interesting. Legend has it that the city was named after Krakus, a mythical leader who established the city on top of a cave where a dragon once resided.

Music in Krakow

It is not just the history that grows on you when visiting Krakow. The city also has a great variety of music that defines its culture. The city hosts amazing concerts each day where one can enjoy the best in Krakow music. Here are some of the upcoming concerts that you should check out during your next visit to Krakow.

Chopin Music Concerts

A must-do is attending one of the Chopin Concerts in Krakow where for only PNL 60 (about $16) you enjoy nice piano performance over a glass of wine. The concerts are held in honor of Frederic Chopin, a 19th Century composer. Born in Poland, Chopin is recognized as among the greatest pianists of all time. And the Chopin concerts are held, get this, each day of the year in the city. Among the pianists who grace these concerts include Witold Wilczek, Joanna Sochacka, Kazuko Tsuji, and Weronika Krowka. The concerts are held in an ancient medieval building built in the 14th Century, which helps bring out the rich history of Krakow in the performances.

Klezmer Music Concerts

Klezmer music is a genre that is based on Jewish culture but also features Turkish, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Polish musical influence. These concerts are a great option not just for Jewish visitors to Krakow, but also for anyone who is interested in Jewish culture. Wilde Felder and Di Galitzyaner are the two bands who give show-stopping performances at the concerts. In the spirit of bringing out Krakow’s rich history, the Klezmer musical concerts are held at the “Debinskim” a historic building in the city. Prices to attend the concerts is only PNL 50 (about $14) per person.

The Bottom Line

It is baffling when you think about it; a city this big can have so many hidden gems. These concerts should help you get an intimate experience of Polish culture during your next visit to Krakow.