About us

CEO Sławomir Prokopik

The activity of our Artistic Agency is based on the organization of concerts, musical shows, recitals and musical setting of various celebrations. We create exceptional performances, refined to the smallest detail and take care of the unique atmosphere of a true musical feast.

We promote young artists who are no strangers to the works of Frederic Chopin and who recreate his works with exceptional enthusiasm. We have already cooperated with many outstanding artists and established friendly contacts with performers of both classical and popular music.

We have organized several thousand piano concerts, mainly Chopin concerts, held in unique venues in Cracow and Zakopane. The events were attended by several thousand listeners, who are eager to participate in future editions. Regular attendees of the concerts are not only residents of Krakow, but also tourists and music lovers from all over the world. The gratitude they show us after the concerts is the best motivation for us to continue our work.


Among the events we have organized are:

Chopin concerts at the journalists’ club Pod Gruszką, in 2006- 2007.

Chopin concerts in Zakopane at the Giewont Hotel, 2007.

Chopin concerts at the Bonerowski Palace, 2007 – 2015.

Chopin concerts at the Palace under the Rams, 2009 – 2012.

Chopin concerts at the Chopin Gallery in Krakow, 14 Slawkowska Street, 2014 – present.

Jewish music concerts at the home of Helena Rubinstein, 2009 – 2013.

Jewish music concerts at the Galicia Jewish Museum, 2010 – 2014.

Jewish music concerts at Klezmer Music Venue in Krakow, 14 Slawkowska Street, 2014 – present.

Folklore shows at the Michalik’s Den, 2009 – present.

Classical, film and tango music concerts at St. Adalbert’s Church in Krakow, 2007 – 2018.

Classical, film music and tango concerts at the Royal Chamber Orchestra Hall in Krakow, 14 Slawkowska Street, 2014 – present.