Chopin Concerts in Krakow 05/06/2018

We are proud to present you the Chopin concerts in Krakow! After giving it some thought, we decided that Chopin’s music is something everyone should hear at least once in their lifetime. Therefore we will be organizing series of Chopin concerts.

One of our four talented performers will be at your service every day. Each of the musicians will deliver music that will affect your senses in a best possible way.

On Mondays and Fridays Weronica Krowka will be playing for you. She is one of the most successful young Polish pianists as she has won many significant domestic as well as international awards, which include various 1st places in competitions in Poland, as well as the first place on the International Piano Competition “Chopin +” in Budapest.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Maria Baka-Wilczek will be responsible for the Chopin’s music. Being a talented and already experienced pianist, Maria has performed on more than 250 recitals already. She often plays works by lesser known Polish composers, however on this occasion she will use her piano skills to play her favorite compositions by Chopin.

On Wednesdays we have a special guest, whose roots lie in Japan, playing for you. Her name is Kazuko Tsuji. She started her music education in Japan, but surprisingly enough she finished it in Krakow. Having won numerous competitions, this pianist will take you on a journey through the works of Chopin she admires.

The weekend is reserved for Witold Wilczek. This young pianist, who was first introduced to piano at the age of four by his grandmother Maria Baka-Wilczek, will be playing each Saturday and Sunday. He has perfected his technique as he has played many virtuoso courses. He has also studied in Switzerland. One of his biggest achievements is the 1st place on the International Piano Competition of France.

The concerts will be held in Chopin concert hall, the address is Slawkowska 14. The building is located close to the Catholic church Bazylika Mariacka. Interesting fact is that the building is ancient- it was build in 15th century. For a period of time it was owned by the Polish royal family. Inside you can see an original 19th century staircase, something fairly rare these days.

The concerts start every day at 7pm. You can buy concert tickets for 60 zl on our website. A glass of wine is included in the price. We also offer special prices for organized groups.