Old churches concerts – why they are magical? 28/09/2018

Ever experienced a magical concert before? Just imagine an old church with mesmerizing architecture above, perfect acoustics, and soothing lights that seats  hundreds of people; and you are sitting in one of those chairs, listening to an outstanding Cracow Concert.

Music is called a “super-stimulus” which is said to be even more powerful than speech. So a story or a scene described musically creates even greater stimulus than someone reading out of a storybook!  Of course the best part of any Old Church concert has to be the orchestra and classical music, but the atmosphere inside is even more essential. The deep exploration of tempo, rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony will usher your soul into another land which you have never experienced before.

 How do old churches and music intermingle with each other?

Music has always been an important part of our culture since ancient times. Not to mention, that it has undergone numerous changes throughout the rise of the Western Christian Church. Since then we have seen the birth of many other forms of music. There are numerous reasons that make churches the natural incubator of music. Music was chosen as an integral part of worshipping God, due to its ability of enhancing the emotional experience. Worshipping through music is meant to bring you closer to God. In previous times, churches acted more like universities. They were involved in educating people in a wide range of subjects and maintaining libraries for sophisticated education, so that knowledge could be gathered and passed onto the next generation.   

 Music today

Coming back to the present day, many people have begun to love classical music. Orchestras and choirs accompanied by marvelous acoustics, create a magical atmosphere around the walls of the church. This was the beginning of a new musical era.

Don’t miss out on the Royal Chamber Orchestra playing in the old church. The Orchestral notes with classical arrangements will be one of the finest rides to the magical world of music.  We guarantee that you will enjoy this performance, even if you are not normally a fan of classical music. The tickets are affordable and very good value for money; so you won’t be disappointed. It is simply a delightful aural feast with some excellent music. Cracow Concerts offers a magical journey into the world of music which can make a perfect day of entertainment to spend with your family. A single concert of the Royal Chamber Orchestra in one of our oldest churches will leave you feeling magical and heavenly. Their music undoubtedly exhibits impeccable taste as well as limitless imagination. The light and sound touches your soul and soothes your mind. The elegance of the musical notes, harmony, sound arrangements, authentic flavor and its uniqueness will not fail to move you closer to the worshipper. This extraordinary blend of music and architecture together with the visual beauty of the church literally brings heaven onto earth.