Geniuses of classical music 08/10/2018

Classical music has enjoyed non-fading popularity for centuries. Many people, however, are not aware of its value and diversity, often finding it too serious or boring. Learning more about the works of geniuses of classical music usually makes next generations begin to appreciate the beauty of this genre. It is worth taking a closer look at the composers’ most famous profiles and, above all, get familiar with their works, preferably at the Royal Chamber Ochestra concert. Nothing can replace the experience of direct contact with music played live by the orchestra.

A Polish romantic

Fryderyk Chopin is a character that nobody needs to introduce in Poland. Chopin, known as the “poet of the piano” to this day, is one of the most outstanding pianists of all time. His works capture the expression of the word inspired from native folk dances. This is evident in genres in which he had no competition, such as mazurkas and polonaises (Polonaise-Fantasia in A flat major, Polonaise in A flat major, and Heroic). In his etudes, and especially in the Revolutionary Etude, Chopin perfectly reflected the spirit of Romanticism. Concert interpretations of the works of the Polish master guarantee listeners an unforgettable experience. Especially in Cracow.

The creators of the opera

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a virtuoso of keyboard music, who became famous as a prodigy, playing from the age of 5. His work is appreciated today as affecting the child’s development, learning and concentration. Particularly noteworthy are his numerous operas, such as the Marriage of Figaro, the Magic Flute and symphonies and other cyclic compositions. The most popular songs that have been constantly in mass culture are Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Reqiuem.

Giuseppe Verdi made the opera the most popular genre of music at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Listeners, striving for the richness of emotional musical experience, should definitely explore his compositions such as Rigoletto, Traviata, Don Carlos, Aida.


Viennese classical composers

Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer and baroque organist, gained fame as a pioneer of polyphonic music. He was ahead of his time, and many creators of many musical genres take example from him. In his works, mainly ‘fugues’, the main theme dominates, which evolves, stunning with new sound. Among the most appreciated works by Bach, which one should mention, are:

  • suites, orchestral concerts, eg Brandenburg Concerts,
  • chamber music,
  • chorales, cantatas, passions.

Ludwig van Beethoven became famous for his extraordinary virtuosity and compositional and improvisational skills, despite his early hearing loss. His works had a huge impact on the music of later eras. He, with nine symphonies (with the most popular Symphony No. 9 ended with Ode to Joy), piano and violin concertos, is seen as a page of history. He also composed chamber music with the Moonlight Sonata as the most famous.

Joseph Haydn foremost impresses with his symphonies, the so-called London ones and oratorios (Creation of the World, Seasons). He perfected the sonata genre and designed the classical contents of the symphonic orchestra.

We could list many outstanding composers of classical music, which are worth listening to. All of them made a significant contribution to the development of music and culture. Worth mentioning there are the works of virtuosos such as Debussy, Vivaldi, Szuman or Mahler.