Experiencing the Magic of Chopin in Krakow 06/08/2018

As home to famous composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, visitors to Krakow, Poland may want to experience some of his best works. Chopin was best known for his piano and piano concerti. He grew up in an artistic family and began playing the piano at the age of six. His first concert was at the young age of eight. Standing out as a uniquely talented musician, he began composing music and had a rich career.

Take advantage of Chopin concerts in Krakow to experience the music of this artist in its original setting. There are multiple concerts that take place throughout the year. Each piece is dedicated to performing Chopin’s masterpieces. Enjoy hearing from notable pianists such as Witold Wilczek, Kazuko Tsiju, and others.

Although Chopin only performed around 30 public appearances in his lifetime, he had a strong attention to detail and a mastery of the piano that few other artists have managed. In his pieces, audiences can hear colorful new passage work and other technical masterings. Chopin realized that the piano was an expressive instrument and was able to compose music that brought out the best in this instrument. Piano experts will especially enjoy Chopin’s innovations in fingering, the unique use of pedals, and the high standards he set for the instrument.

To fully experience the richness of Chopin, it’s best to hear his pieces in a historic setting. Take in these concerts in the 15th century building. It was originally a house of the Master of the Hunt for the Royal Family. The house remains in good condition today. As audiences enter the building, they’ll be amazed by the architecture and historical nature. Ascend the 19th-century stairway to enter the concert hall. The hall is dedicated to Chopin as being one of the best composers of all time.

Chopin wrote many works for the solo piano including 26 preludes, 20 waltzes, 3 sonatas, and even 17 Polish songs. Each concert held features Chopin’s most popular works, all hand-selected to display the depth and range of this composer.

When visiting Kraków, make time to experience some of his greatest works. During the 19th century, Chopin found his music in the story of Poland that became his chief source of inspiration. Throughout this life, he turned the melodies and rhythms of his youth into enduring art forms to be enjoyed today.