Enjoy Folk Music Events at Cafe Jama Michalika 06/08/2018

There’s nothing like enjoying good food combined with great music. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when if you book on a Saturday at Cafe Jama Michalika. The restaurant is known for serving great food for a very long time. Among their best-sellers are pork chop with cabbage and french toast. The cafe is located at 45 Florianska Street, Krakow. It’s not hard to find as the place is always full of tourists looking to have a great time. Since the place is old, the interiors are interesting.

There are even some guides who pass through and they give you free information. The staff here were all trained properly so ask them anything and they’ll be more than happy to oblige. They’ll be more than willing to give information about the restaurant or the city. As for the interiors, you’ll observe amazing 20th-century art that was made by legends. It’s certainly going to be an amazing experience going here as this place has been around for over a hundred years. Yes, it’s been through a lot and it’s still standing.

Each folk show is guaranteed to bring excitement to the entire family. The show starts at 7 PM so better not be late. It would be wise to book a table ahead of time so you won’t be standing the entire time. Trust me, that can be a little painful. Have a great time as you can sing along with the Polish band’s popular songs. They’ll certainly perform songs that are very popular so you won’t have a hard time singing along with them. Those who love folk music will certainly have the time of their lives. On the other hand, those who have never heard of folk music are encouraged to check it out. The performers will be dressed in folk outfits too. It’s the type of thing that was highly encouraged a long time ago in Poland.

Head over to the official Facebook page of Cracow Concerts to know more about the event. The page contains everything you need to know including the number you need to dial when you want to book a table. The place gets pretty packed early so it would be safe to book at least a few days ahead of time. The price of 84.99 PNL each is pretty good for what you’re going to get. You’ll get an amazing set of Polish food plus a table for you and your friends.