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The sound of Cracow

Krakow is a city abundant with music. From every corner, from every pub, flirting tunes are flowing. It’s an inevitable element of a unique atmosphere of this place. The characteristics of the city of Kings is a variety, which also reflects via types of music that fill the streets. Classical music The entire area of ​​the Krakow Market Square belongs to it. The most popular melodies heard through the doors of elegant restaurants are melodies…

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Polish music history

Music has its history. What’s more, not seldom is its development and particular genres are influenced by the course of events, culture, tradition as well as customs popular in a particular period. Although it’s people who affect its shapes and current trends, music impacts them at the same time, accompanying them in different stages of life. It often expresses what cannot be said. A specific genre of music is folk, classical and Jewish music. Not…

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