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Why do you have to visit Jama Michalika?

Krakow is a place captivating with a unique atmosphere. Rich in wonderful monuments, picturesque streets and a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bookstores, constantly impresses tourists. One of such places you have to visit is Michalik’s Jama. The unusual, artistic atmosphere in the café will make the Cracow Old Town visit more pleasant. The most famous literary cafe in Krakow Jama Michalika is a cafe gathering literary enthusiasts since 1895. Already at the time, well-known…

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Geniuses of classical music

Classical music has enjoyed non-fading popularity for centuries. Many people, however, are not aware of its value and diversity, often finding it too serious or boring. Learning more about the works of geniuses of classical music usually makes next generations begin to appreciate the beauty of this genre. It is worth taking a closer look at the composers’ most famous profiles and, above all, get familiar with their works, preferably at the Royal Chamber Ochestra…

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