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Polish traditional folk music

The long tradition of Polish folk music stretches all the back to the 10th century. There, the first hints of a distinct, Polish style of music began, starting off as a series of religious songs where the melody rose above all. Since then, though, Polish folk music has had a whole millennium to evolve. Through the intermingling of the Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and Jews that moved in and out of Poland over a thousand years,…

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What to do when visiting Kraków

What to do when visiting Krakow As Poland’s second-largest city, it goes without say that Krakow is among the country’s most popular cities for visitors. There many things that make Krakow outstanding. First off is the city’s rich history. The historic significance of the city is evident in the fact that it was in 1978 designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it gets even more interesting. Legend has it that the city was…

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Experiencing the Magic of Chopin in Krakow

As home to famous composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, visitors to Krakow, Poland may want to experience some of his best works. Chopin was best known for his piano and piano concerti. He grew up in an artistic family and began playing the piano at the age of six. His first concert was at the young age of eight. Standing out as a uniquely talented musician, he began composing music and had a rich career.…

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Enjoy Folk Music Events at Cafe Jama Michalika

There’s nothing like enjoying good food combined with great music. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when if you book on a Saturday at Cafe Jama Michalika. The restaurant is known for serving great food for a very long time. Among their best-sellers are pork chop with cabbage and french toast. The cafe is located at 45 Florianska Street, Krakow. It’s not hard to find as the place is always full of tourists looking to…

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