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Klezmer Music Concerts in Cracow

Klezmer music will be alien for those visiting Poland for the first time. The music has its origins in the Ashkenazi Jews of Southeastern Europe. Klezmer music is influenced by music from countries like Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Ukrainian andPolish. Klezmer music’s repertoire comprises instrumental pieces that are linked to the songs performed in Yiddish and folklore of Reform Judaism that belongs to Orthodox Judaism. The members include Mariola Śpiewak on clarinet, Grzegorz Śpiewak on accordion…

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Royal Chamber Orchestra Concerts in Cracow

A visit to Poland is meaningless without paying homage to the city of Krakow. However, the city is known as a veritable paradise for those in love with classical music in one of the city’s prominent venue (Royal Chamber Orchestra Hall). The city has a lot in store for you but the performance by the prestigious Royal Chamber Orchestra will blow your mind. Therefore, give yourself peace of mind and allow the music to immerse…

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Chopin Concerts in Krakow

We are proud to present you the Chopin concerts in Krakow! After giving it some thought, we decided that Chopin’s music is something everyone should hear at least once in their lifetime. Therefore we will be organizing series of Chopin concerts. One of our four talented performers will be at your service every day. Each of the musicians will deliver music that will affect your senses in a best possible way. On Mondays and Fridays…

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